Transfer of Knowhow, Project Preparation and Project Implementation

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Inhouse Seminars and Coachings

It can make sense to familiarize oneself with the basic and conceptual aspects before launching a new project in order to render the subsequent implementation more efficient and secure.

Or it is recommendable to critically mirror and discuss a running project. That is where our one-day-coaching for entrepreneurs, managers or small groups comes into the picture covering different topics and subjects:

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Inorganic growth through acquisitions or portfolio adjustments (by selling certain business units which are not part of the core activities anymore) can include clear strategic advantages and profit-enhancing potential. When implementing projects of this type, it is key to consider some important criteria which are crucial for the success of a project.
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How to successfully Develop and Implement a Business Plan

Profitable growth of business crucially depends among others on the right way of developing and implementing business plans. Fast selling, expanding businesses require sound management strategies and matching internal implementation tools. In this coaching you will learn how to develop and implement these strategies and tools. For a balanced growth of your business, convincing financing concepts, the definition of new markets and sales potentials are essential.
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Finance and Strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

A balanced business and finance strategy ensure crisis-proof growth. SMEs benefit from being flexible in combining a value-enhancing corporate and financial management with innovative management structures, which allows for a short-term adaptation to the conditions of an ever-changing market. Accordingly, our business and finance strategies are aimed at implementing conceptually valid and practice-oriented solutions in a timely manner, paving the way for new markets for SMEs.
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Capital Market Financing

Successful financing via the capital market is usually the result of having a clear strategy, of developing a sustainable and successful business model, and of preparing and professionalising the organisation in a targeted and systematic manner. Accordingly, the subject-matter of this seminar is to learn how to develop adequate and organisation-specific finance strategies helping increase the value of your business.
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Information and Booking

Our coachings normally last one day and are intended for individuals, owners or managers, or small groups. For more information or for bookings please contact:

Rifai & Partners
Fadenstrasse 27
6300 Zug / Switzerland
phone: 0041 79 341 9348
email: info@rifai-partners.com

Is your topic not included?

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Should you look for a specific coaching which is not yet on our homepage, just let us know and we will do everything to tailor one for you.

credentials from participants:

I really liked the way he engaged the audience. Always open to questions and supportive regarding our answers. Even if we weren't quite right, he was always respectful and helped us find the "right" answer. Definitely would like to attend future training with Osama as the lecturer.

D.C. from US

credentials from participants:

Very passionate and with big knowledge.

S.J.E. from the Netherlands

credentials from participants:

It was a very interesting encounter with finance during last week and I cannot thank you enough for making it so much fun for us. I am even more committed to go deeper in the world of finance.

PY from India

credentials from participants:

Thank you very much for this. I would also like to once again extend my appreciations for your outstanding performance during the two days. Talking to the guys after the session, this is also the opinions of everyone!

S.W. from Sweden

credentials from participants:

Thank you very much for a great training, not only it was a very clear presentation but also you made it very active and easy going; it's a pity (...) you (have had) a day and a half….it should be a week!!!. I not only learnt a lot but enjoyed doing it, which with my limitations with "numbers" is a lot to say ;-)

N.P. from Spain

credentials from participants:

And I would like to let you know that (contrary to my first expectations) I very much enjoyed the (...) days on the finance topic and I learnt plenty of new things and refreshed my long lost memory. Therefore I remain hopeful that the finance topic is not entirely lost to me.... :) It was a pleasure in meeting you.

P.T. from Switzerland

credentials from participants:

For me it was great to have you sharing knowledge and answering questions, my pleasure.

E.B. from Chile

credentials from participants:

Thank you very much for the days last week. Apart of the topic, corporate finance, it impressed me the most, that also you are so experienced, professional and successful you are so much yourself, down to earth, approachable human being. Maybe it sounds strange to you, but I can hardly remember when I met last time a professional on your level being so "normal.

P.T. aus der Schweiz